Importance of Search Engine Marketing

SEO is a way to boost volume and quality traffic to a website using a search engine. However, itis not the same as Pay Per Click advertising, which the website owner pays for.

SEO is free advertising that shows up in the search engines. The way to get a website to show up in the free advertising on a search engine is through good keyword customization for a website.

“Let’s take a comparison of Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO using Google. If you do a search forcats” there will be PPC advertising on the correct, which the most PPC ads per page on Googlewill be 8. The first ad showing on the right will be paying the most money.

On the left are the non-paid results, and there will be multiple pages of results depending on your search phrase. Websites that are and use good keyword optimization strategies will belisted on the first page, or possibly in the first place.

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